Saturday, May 19, 2018

3-to-inspire with Kristel

Hi all! 

Today I have another fun 3-to-inspire project for you;  made with this month's Malibu Pocket Life kit - which is filled with so many pretty goodies, yet again!
I also used all of this month's kit-stamps and single stamp sets, to add some fun details.

I started this page by choosing some of the cardstock stickers from the kit and placing them, along with some fun stamping. I just went from left to right, as if I was writing, using
various phrases and colors.

When I was done filling up the left page, it was time to add some background to the right page.
I chose a paper from the kit and added a PL card behind my photo.

I added a little detail with some cute embellishments and this layout was finished!

Today's 3-to-inspire prompts are:
* Combine stamping and word stickers to fill up a page
* Use various fonts and colors to add more interest
* Use one of the papers from the kit as a full background on your other page

I hope you like this 3-to-inspire and I wish you a lot of fun with it!
Have a lovely weekend and until next time!

Love, Kristel

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