Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday Tutorial – Stamping

Hello CTK friends! Melanie here today to share a fun stamping tutorial!!! CTK has so many wonderful stamps, I thought I’d show you how I like to combine my stamps to create unique embellishments for my projects, in this case a PL spread. Using the Delish stamp, Candid Camera, along with stamps from past CTK kits and the Malibu Pocket Life kit, I created fun accents for my PL spread. 

The stamp frame from the Delish Stamp Set was the base for my stamping, afterwards it was simply combining a larger word/phrase stamp with a smaller word/phrase stamp, making sure that each saying complimented each other. This was a fun exercise in using my supplies and seeing which stamps coordinated well together.

Since I like to work with odd number of items, I created 5 stamp vignettes to use on my spread. Each stamp highlighted the theme of the picture.

To complete my spread I used the PL cards from the Malibu Pocket Life kit along with various embellishments from the same kit. Love the beauty and versatility of this kit, ideal for any type of pictures and stories.

The end result is a simple but unique PL spread that recaps the story of my family. Love this project, love that it enables me to preserve our stories and special moments but also to tell the story of little things that bring my joy and happiness.

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Happy crafting!!!

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