Saturday, April 15, 2023

3 To Inspire with Jennie


Hi Friends! This is Jennie with a 3 to Inspire Post! 

I love journaling cards! Having a digital option that I can print over and over is a dream. But sometimes, I get too excited while printing and I end up having a lot of cards! Once in a while you can grab them and mix them all up! The Life Crafted Kits all have a distinctive look that makes the kits match. 

Your first prompt it to mix up the journaling cards or papers! 

Speaking of loving things a little bit too much, I also love photos! I bet you are not surprised. When I have a group of photos that look very similar I like to create photo collages. 

Your second prompt is photo collages. From 2 to 20 photos, these are super fun to add!  
Special occasions are fun to document, but I really enjoy the mundane every day moments and pieces like this coffee photo which is a part of my daily routine documented in a different way than a mug photo. 

The card on the left is from the Spring Dreams Digital Journaling Cards. The title card is from the Cherish Digital Journaling Cards. I also used Orange Sherbet Puffy Alphabet, Cherish Heart Stickers, and the label is from the Jingle All The Way Digital Elements. That's 3 collections in one little card! 

If I close my eyes for a second, I can see my grandma's handwriting and it gives me a feeling that typed words can't. I want my kids to have that experience, and also your loved ones.

The third prompt is to use your handwriting.
Even when I use collages, I pick a few of my favorite photos to print in regular size. 
Hopefully you have many good days so you can use this card from the Spring Dreams Digital Journaling Cards. 
To recap the prompts are:

  1. Mix your papers and journaling cards.
  2. Add lots of photos using photo collages.
  3. Use your handwriting. 
I hope you can use these prompts! Take care! 

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