Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Pocket Page Challenge with Patricia


Hello CTK Friends!!  Today is September 1st, and time for a new Life Crafted kit.  My first project to share with the kit is a Pocket Page Challenge. 

I grabbed the new Good Life and True Life stamps along with the kit contents, as well as cards from the kit that would work with the added stamping. 

My challenges are:

  1. use a filter for all of your photos for a consistent look
  2. add creative stamping to layer over cards and photos
  3. create a collage of photos to allow for white space

For my title card, I used a card from the kit that allowed me to add stamping to it using the Good Life stamp.  After stamping 'best part,' I added more stamping of the stars in different inks, die cuts and the new fabric die cuts.  Continuing with the stamping, I added the 'what a treat' and fork and knife under my journaling using the same stamp.

For the bottom 4x6 card, I used a card with thin lines and space to add some of the amazing smaller words from the True Life stamp set!  I used an ink in a complementary color to my spread.  I added the 'to this' to the die cut to staple at the top of the card.

Then I added the 'love' die cut at the bottom.

I love the simplicity of that bottom left card with little details because it breaks the right side with more color and photos.  We all have photos from a day, event, activity, that all go together, but don't look good together.  This was a scrapbooking crop and the theme was everyday is a celebration.  Every holiday was represented.  There was a lot of Christmas represented in the photos at the crop but then photos of us eating Mexican.  I used a filter I have never used before.  It has a chocolate filter to it.  It toned down the Christmas feel as well as give it a nice vintage vibe.  I used trimmed pattern paper from the kit for this top pocket.  I love the bold blue, and the style of the words is creating consistency throughout my spread.

This is my favorite way that I added stamping with the new True Life stamp set.  I stamped the word 'together' with Staz On black ink onto vellum, trimmed it and then clustered it with die cuts over my collage of photos.

It helps break up the business and randomness of the photos.  Using the same stamp set, I added 'shenanigans' to a die cut, and a star to another die cut using the Good Life stamp.

I love how this spread came out using the stamps, the filter on the photos, and the white space with the 4x6 card.  Hope you give these ideas a try on your next Pocket Page!

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