Saturday, November 23, 2019

3 to Inspire with Amy Jo

Today's three to inspire layout is probably among the top 3 layouts in my whole album this year.  I love the cards and the embellishments in this kit, and together they made this layout so easy to pull together.  For my three today, it was hard to choose which elements to focus on but I ended up with

1. Puffy Stickers
2. Vellum shapes
3. Phrases

1. Puffy Stickers

When I got this kit, I think I might have done a little happy dance in the living room!  These colors a pieces are so awesome, and the puffy stickers will not disappoint you! I looked for ones that were the right colors first (the purple star) and words that were fitting next (the purple focus) and was pleased when they matched without me having to work it out!  I also added the yellow one above the couch, but only when I was working on making sure I had enough sentiments on the page.

2. Vellum Shapes
The die cut vellum shapes in the kit are so amazing.  One thing to remember when working with vellum, if you put your vellum shapes onto a white background you can use white adhesives (like photos splits) and you will not see any adhesive residue come through on the vellum.  I still have an old Herma roller that I keep stocked just so that I can adhere vellum like this!  I like to layer these elements so that they create a unique color where they overlap, and in this example I used them to record a conversation that the boys had on the walk home.

3. Phrases
This layout did have a lot of room for journaling, but in the event that you don't have enough room to fit your journaling in, I love phrase stickers for the chance to add more!  There were some awesome phrases in almost all of the varieties of embellishment in this kit, so here is a closer look at a few that I used to tell my story.

One of the cardstock stickers.

And one from the chipboard set.

Here is a look at the whole layout, I hope this inspires you today!

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