Thursday, May 16, 2019

Adventure | Bermuda Honeymoon Layout With Theresa

Hello Lovelies! Theresa here with a great pocket page layout from our Bermuda honeymoon from 2012. I was so inspired by the May Excursions kit to help me document a beautiful tropical day on the island. Let's have a look!

My husband and I were married in September of 2012 and the day after our wedding we hopped to the beautiful island of Bermuda for our honeymoon. The elements and colors in the Excursions kit reminded me instantly of our photos from this trip, with the lovely leaf icons, bright happy colors, and especially the bold blue. I designed my pocket pages sort of in a tic-tac-toe layout so these incredible blue tones lead your eye around the page.

Contrast is one of my favorite designer tools, and this kit definitely packs a powerful contrast punch! The indigo blue in the kit echoes the blues of the sky and ocean, which is what I really wanted to draw out in these photos. The supporting colors - pink, green, yellow, and orange - allow these blues to really shine without competing.

For my journaling cards I created a mix of fun filler cards, stamped cards, and handwritten. One of my favorites is the leaf card with the pink stamped sentiments and the cork sticker! The pink square was cut from one of the journaling cards and then stamped around the edge using the Life Crafted stamp set.

As much as I love the blues in the kit, the Adventure journaling card felt a bit heavy, plus I wanted just a bit of extra journaling space. I grabbed a half-notecard from my stash and layered that over a portion of the card, and then added a tiny puffy sticker at the top.  

For the right side of my layout I repeated the leaf pattern, and of course more of those blue skies to bring your eye over to this side of the layout. On this day in our trip we were visiting Fort St. Catherine on Bermuda, and one of the most striking things I loved about the place was the constant play between architecture and sky. Everywhere we walked the walls invited you to keep walking and discover the beautiful ocean on the other side!

I love the simplicity of layering elements and die cuts onto a patterned paper to create your own journaling card. This is what I have done on both sides with the leaf pattern. For this side I layered the wood grain and the grey label, and then stamped using the Excursions stamp set.

Remember the pink card I cut up for the other side of the page? Well, I took the word art from that card and layered it on top of the map card. The map is somewhat subtle on this very striking layout, but the orange adds just a bit of pop so it doesn't get lost!

For another layout I die cut some of the digital leaves that are in the Subscriber downloads this month in turquoise. I had a few left over so I incorporated one and layered it between the text pattern and another cork circle. This is just the pop of color this card needed!

One last detail, and this one serves to invite the reader to turn the page and discover the next adventure in our honeymoon album. I used those gorgeous puffy alphabet stickers included in the kit so add a bit of word art to my photo. 

If you'd like to see more of my process start to finish, I invite you to view my process video here.

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you are inspired by this pocket page  layout. Have you been playing with your Excursions kit? We would love to see, be sure to share online and tag us!

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