Thursday, August 14, 2014

Double Page Layout with Michelle Wedertz

Lately I have found that trying new page sizes, techniques, and styles has breathed fresh life into my creativity.  A two page layout seems the perfect next avenue to explore.

When trying something new, I often take inspiration from scrapbooking galleries and pinterest, Double page sightings are rare though. I am certainly seeing more than usual, but there still is not a great deal to pull from.  So when I set out to design a two page layout, I really had to start from scratch.

I started first by narrowing down a color scheme.  Beside complimenting or highlighting photos, color can be used to unite multiple pages.  These are the products I pulled from the various August kits.

Double Page 5

From this I narrowed my color scheme down even further to pink, red, gold, and a few neutral pieces in beige and gray.

Next, I spread my photos across the two pages and played around with the arrangement.  To keep it simple, I printed all but one of my photos the same size and went for a symetrical design to balance the photos on both sides. Here is what I decided on:

Double Page
Now that I knew where I wanted my photos to go, I began to build a background.  Since I absolutely loved the red patterned paper from the August Main Kit, I decided to be bold and use it as one full side of my design.  I then cut a smaller pink rectangle to spread across both pages, bridging the two pages.
Double Page 2
To coninue with the process of unifying my layout, I cut a border strip in a neutral beige from the 6x6 paper pad included in the PL Kit and placed it across the top of both pages, making sure they lined up.
Double Page 3
Double Page 4
With the foundation of the layout completed, I turned next to embellishing. To make sure I balanced them across the two pages, I used the embelllishment to create a visual triangle.  You can see that here in the finished layout.
A Beautiful Life
Here are some closeups:
A Beautiful Life 4
A Beautiful Life 5
A Beautiful Life 6
Products Used: 
Wishing you a great day!