Friday, October 11, 2019

Life Crafted with Patricia

Hello CTK friends!!  I hope you are inspired as much as I am from not only this team but from everyone in the Facebook group.  I am always inspired by product, even when I go shopping and looking at marketing and clothing.  But seeing what and how others create or document really is another great way to either give you an idea to try or to give you an idea to incorporate into your own style.

For this Life Crafted spread, I used the October Add-On.  I am very drawn in by these amazing colors!  So the first thing I wanted to do was use one of the pattern papers with a bold design.  I'm addicted to the digital elements and cut files from Citrus Twist, and I was recently inspired by Lorilei's 3 to Inspire Life Crafted Post here.  What inspired me to try is to use one the Screen 4 cut file in a different way.  I have always used it to either layer photos directly on or under them or as my second page with embellishments.  But I loved her idea of having it under one Life Crafted pocket!

The screen cut files really can serve so many purposes in our Life Crafted albums and be totally functioning whether they are a divider, an opening page, a place for more photos, embellishments or a title.  I am always looking for new ways to use them.  For another fun and unique way to use them, please see my Featured Video from September here where I used it as a stencil and then cut it to add directly to my page.  

I used the Life Crafted Page Protector #2 for documenting using one of the cards from the Life Crafted kit, and then used the die cut leaf and heart from the Add-On.  


For bottom pocket with four photos, I was totally inspired by Nathalie's Life Crafted post here where she used four photos in her Life Crafted Page Protector #3.  Doing this in my smaller 3x4 pocket worked with printing my photos small enough to still have a border around them and the photos' subjects balance each other without overpowering one or the other.  The die cut from the Add-On and heart puffy from the Life Crafted gave me the color, sentiment and texture.

This left lots of room for creative fun on my left page using the October Life Crafted and Food Stories Stamp Sets.

Using the cardstock from the Add-On kit, I stamped along mostly on the edge of it using the Life Crafted stamp, then I cut the inside out and backed with Life Crafted kit paper.  The scale of the images on the papers were perfect for this small space.  Then I used the die cuts from the Add-On to tuck either under or above some of the stamped and cut out areas, raising some of them with foam adhesive.  Then I used one of the gold puffy embellishments fro the Life Crafted kit for my title.

And finished it with the stamping from the Food Stories stamp set.

I have a few more projects to share using the Halloween Add-On kit.  I will have a mini album video using the kit coming to the Citrus Twist Kits YouTube Channel on the 19th, so all of these projects are leftovers from the kit!

First I have a set of cards.

On some of the cards, I added some stamping from the Travelers' Notebook stamp set and some of the cut files I used in the mini album that were leftover.

The Heart + spider web = instant inspiration to document when my daughter read Charlotte's Web and had to do a PowerPoint presentation about it.  We set up a spot in the house for her to do some filming.

I love 6x8 size layouts these days ;)

And I could have still created more projects with the kit!  Hope you picked it up.  It is an excellent complement to either the Life Crafted or the Add-On available this month.  Definitely pick up the Travelers' Notebook stamp set either way.  I think it is a great stamp set for all your Fall/October activities and memories!

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