Monday, September 10, 2018

In My Studio - Mists/Paints Storage

Hi friends!  This month the GraceBox Team (along with a few friends from the Creative Team!)  are sharing how they store their paints/mists!

Oh how I love using paint and getting messy while creating something colorful - but unfortunately my paint storage is equally as messy! Being a former art teacher my basement is exploding with tubs, buckets, & shelves of paint in every shape, size & color. Instead of scaring you with those pictures, I'll show you my smaller collections of specific paints for my Bible Journaling Art.  I keep it close to my desk so I always have access to it.  

First of all, I don’t have a craft room or table for that matter, I just have a cart. On a normal day, I craft on my desk that doesn’t have any drawers but only has a tiny space/shelf for me to stack some supplies in boxes.

I love these medium-sized acrylic boxes. It’s clear so you can see everything but what I love most about it is that it has these lids which doubles as a tray. I don’t have a ton of paint but these are the ones that I have and on the tray is where I put the colors that I’m reaching for the most for the month or for when I’m working through a certain kit. 

I might be the least mixed media inclined member of the creative team, but it doesn’t stop me from buying mixed media supplies! My stash is relatively small, so it makes it easy to contain. I have a few of these refrigerator bins in my room for multiple purposes, and think they work perfectly for my paints and mists since they’re really easy to clean. I have a slightly larger fabric bin to hold my remaining supplies and the plastic refrigerator bin fits right inside. 

I keep my color sprays and paints along with some other mixed media supplies in a drawer cabinet which is placed right beneath my desk, so I can have easy access to the supplies whenever I need them.

I keep the ones I use a lot (it changes from time to time) on my desk though to have them handy. 

I've got all my paints/mists (i.e. all the messy stuff!) in one of the drawers of my Alex drawer.   I've used a couple clear plastic baskets to hold the mists and the paints just  fit in the gap perfectly!  Everything is super easy to find and I just take them out as I need (and I have to admit the rainbow colours are just pretty to look at this way, haha).

Hi dear CTK friends! I store my Color Mist's easy to reach on and in my Ikea Råskog. I use them quite often so I like that I easily can view them and just reach out my arm and grab the cart to get what I need :) 

We always love seeing how our Creative Team members store their goodies!  How do your store your journaling cards? We would love to see/hear (just share a post on the Facebook Fanpage!).

Is there anything you would like to see from our "In My Studio" posts? Please leave a comment below and we'll be sure to include it in the future!


  1. Holy mother of all that's deliciousness!!...Emma I have complete and sincere dtorage and supply envy over here! They all look wonderful though!

    1. Haha, that's best response ever! Definitely lots of gorgeous spaces to look at :) Thank you!