Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How to use cut files without a Silhouette

Hi guys, Diane here with a couple of ways to use the amazing FREE cut files in the Citrus Twist shop, without a Silhouette (or other electronic cutting machine)

I'm fully aware that an electronic cutting machine is a hefty investment when it comes to crafting, but just because you don't have one, doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the free cut files that Citrus Twist has for you! So I wanted to show you a couple of easy ways you can use the cut files to create stunning pages in your Traveler's Notebook or on your scrapbook pages.

The first way is to simply cut them by hand! By printing out the cut files and using them as a guide for hand cutting, you can get the exact same look as cutting them by machine. It does take a little bit longer and the results aren't exactly as precise, but it is still an easy way to create your own cut pieces.

A few tips:
  • Use a really sharp knife.
  • Don't apply TOO much pressure, just enough to go through the paper.
  • Keep the blade flat, use the whole blade rather than just the tip.
  • Always drag the knife towards yourself, rather than pushing it away from you.
  • Be VERY careful to keep those fingers out of the way!

The second way to use cut files is even easier than the first, stitching guides! Simply print the cut files out and use them as a template for stitching! This is such a simple technique for adding loads of texture and personality to your pages. And its the perfect activity to do while you're catching up on your favourite series too!

Here are a couple of ideas for using cut files without a Silhouette and my process for putting together this very simple page...

I can't wait to see what you do with all the amazing digitals from Citrus Twist so don't forget to post them in the Facebook Fan Page so we can see!

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