Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Documenting the Everyday and More!

Hey, there!  I am so excited to be back and share with you how I am continuing to document the ordinary, and the little bit more extraordinary, in my Travelers Notebooks.  There's so much fun to be had in these pages -- and whether you're using a micro size or standard size, you can pack in the fun!

This is another page in my All About Me travelers notebook insert.  I am using a standard size wide and it's been so much fun to put together!  I love that I am able to use not only whatever I want in it (I mean, it's all about ME!) but I can also use lots of feminine colors and accents -- which is so fun since most of my documenting is either masculine, or gender neutral.  

I used some of the beautiful die cuts from the September Heart Breaker Pocket Life kit, (aren't they SO pretty?!) and then the favorite card from the month to mat and tie the whole page together! Now, obviously the die cuts aren't the only pretty accent -- I wanted to build a little more, so I used the epoxy sticker (love the color!) and the gold script puffy word, too.  I love how it all ties together and really lets me creatively tell the story.

Now, let's talk about another album I'm working on. This is a personal size insert which is a really manageable size. There's enough room to really tell the stories but it's small enough to not have to feel overwhelmed.  This album is my favorites.  I don't have to break it down, it's enough to include the photo because it tells a favorite story or it's a favorite photo.  This one is BOTH.  How awesome, right?

I kept the lefthand side simple because the photo is completely the show stealer and makes me laugh outloud.  So, a couple of die cuts and a 6x8 patterned paper from the September Heart Breaker Pocket Life kit made it SO EASY and super cute.  It is a great example of how a really good and engaging page doesn't have to be complicated.

Now, the stamp - it's stolen my heart.  This is Life - Magic Happens is exactly the perfect name for this stamp set and it was the perfect stamp for this layout.  Obviously, this is a Disneyland layout - and magic is everywhere there.  I couldn't help but embrace that and use a black, yellow and red color palette for my stamping.

I hope you'll give documenting in a travelers notebook a try if you haven't already! May I suggest any of the September kits as the perfect accents to your stories and photos?

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