Friday, September 14, 2018

Pocket Life Challenge with Diane

Hi Guys! Diane here with another Pocket Life Challenge for you!

Sometimes, I have more photos than I can fit into one week of Project Life. Lets be fair, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, I REALLY want to fit them in! Solution? Add an insert!

You don't need to buy a special pack of inserts for the odd occasion you need to add more photos. It is very easy to cut down your existing protectors to suit! In fact, I might even say it's even better than bought ones, because you can choose which configuration suits your page best. I cut mine so the 6x4 photo was a t the top instead of the bottom.

I make sure I try to tie my insert to the week it belongs with by using the same papers, cards, embellishments and colours as the original week. You can see here I used the exact same paper offcuts as filler cards, and I repeated the heart motifs to tie the two pages together. Adding a tab to the side of your insert helps to identify it as a separate page.

So my challenge to you is: Add as many extra photos as you can this week by cutting down a page protector!

Here's a quick look at how I added the extra photos I had this week...

Don't forget to post your layouts in the Facebook Fan Page so we can all the lovely pages you make!

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