Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Pocket Life Challenge with Diane

Hi Guys! Diane here with another Pocket Life Challenge for you!

By the time you get down to the last little bits and pieces of your kit, things tend to run out. Say, alphas, for example.

So my challenge to you today is: Create a handmade title!

The rest of my spread came together fairly easily, I still had a variety of embellishments and cards and papers to use but I couldn't decide which paper worked best with my spread for a title card.

I also knew I had no 'e's or 'w's left, and with no numerals in this particular alpha, I was going to have a hard job spelling anything out without 'e's!

I carried on with the rest of my page hoping that inspiration would strike me, and eventually it did. When I picked up the alpha to ponder what I could do, I realised that if I pushed all the remaining letters out of the sheet, I would have a pretty good stencil. So I could trace a title, or create a template for stitching, or use the letters as a guide for hand cutting.

I ended up do a combo of tracing and cutting, that way, I didn't have to choose which pretty paper to use, I could use both! And I love how it all turned out!

Despite how long it took me to work out how I wanted to create my title, I am so happy with how it finally came together in the end. Here's a look at the process this spread took ...

I can't wait to see what you do with this challenge so don't forget to post your layouts in the Facebook Fan Page so we can see!

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