Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tutorial Tuesday | Kristel Arends

Hi all, today I have a fun and quick tutorial for you to create your own matching Pocket Page cards with the This is life "Gathering" stamp set.

All you need are:
* This is Life "Gathering" stamp set
* Basic white cardstock (preferably smooth)
* A few colors of ink
* Ink blenders
* Masking paper/tape
* Additional embellishments, such as labels for example
I started by cutting down my cardstock to cards of 4"x6" and 3"x4".
I then created a couple of different masks for areas I wanted to keep white.
I did this by cutting down some strips of masking paper and using a 2" circle punch.
Of course, you can use all kinds of shapes and you can completely alter it to your own likings :-)

After I had masked my cards it was time to give a few cards some color.
I used an ink blender (by Ranger) combined with dye inks and all you have to do is go around in small circles to cover your area(s) with color.
It takes a bit of work to get a nice, saturated, color, but the results are lovely :-)

Before removing the masking paper, I wanted to add some extra interest to a couple of cards, by adding a few lovely stamps from this month's This is Life "Gathering" stamp set.
I love the effect of repeated stamping, but of course you can also mix and match with different stamps and colors to create a different look :-)

After you're done with your ink blending and stamping it's time for the final reveal!
I always love this moment, because during blending and stamping, your cards will look messy and you might even think it will look like nothing, but you will definitely be surprised :-)
I then added a few little embellishments, such as labels and a few cork pieces from this month's kit, and my cards were done!

I hope you liked this little tutorial and that you are inspired to create your own Pocket Page cards :-)

Have a lovely week and until next time!

Love, Kristel

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