Saturday, November 25, 2017

3 to inspire with Mira

Hello Citrus Twist Kits fans!

Today I have a 3-to-Inspire Challenge for You with a few fun ideas on how to use the products in a creative way, and how to make use of Your kits to the very last bit! Are You ready for some inspiration?

This is a challenge for those of You, who need a little extra creative push to get scrapbooking, to keep scrapbooking or for those who just like a challenge! Your take on this challenge can be a layout or a PL spread and remember that you'll want to include all 3 prompts on your project.

This month I prepared two pocket pages using absolutely wonderful fall designs from PL Kit, to document single walk in the park, which turn out to be a really huge adventure for us!

We didn't expect to find squirrels in this park, and meeting with friends was also a huge surprise for us.

So what I did in this spread slightly different than I usually do:

1. I used a product packaging as a PL card. You can see it in the second page - the one with single picture and trees. Have You seen these new cardboards from exclusive Citrus Twist Kits die-cut packs, puffy stickers and alpha stickers packagings? I love their design - delicate grey stripes work really well on my pages! So this is absolutely NOT the last time when I include packaging in my projects!

2. On the exact same page (bottom left picture) I used a stamp "wild + free", but as You can see, I bent the stamp a bit and stamped these words as if they were a part of a circle. I was amazed how fun it turned out! Don't You think this is cool? The idea is easy but the effects are really different from usual! I am going to do it more often!

3. I created a title of my page using my own handwriting. This is not a common thing for me, as I usually don't like my handwriting. Especially in a big format. But I thought it might be something new, so I gave up the negative feeling and just did it! And I like it! The words I used are in polish and the title says: Autumn - the season of miracles.

And here are more details of my spread:

I hope You like the ideas that I proposed, and that You feel inspired! Feel free to join the challenge!

The prompts for this week are:

1. Use a product package in Your project
2. Bend the stamp while stamping the words
3. Use Your handwriting for a page title

Use the three prompts to create your own projects and share them with us in the CTK Gallery and/or on our Facebook Fan Page by Saturday, December 2nd, for a chance to win. You can also upload to Instagram and tag us @citrustwistkits. Have fun!

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