Monday, November 27, 2017

Documenting Made Easy

If you're someone like me, who loves to buy aka "hoard" scrapbook supplies because they are so pretty to look at or you saw something in Youtube someone is using that you must have. Yup, that is basically me! Most of my income goes to scrapbooking which is bad, I know I am trying to cut it down believe me. Memory keeping is no fun when I am overwhelmed with supplies and I am hungry! Lol! I am very thankful with Trina and her team to be part of Citrus Twist DT. This month's kit is called Stories and all about family, being thankful and grateful basically fall colours. Sadly where I am from, we don't have fall. We only have two kinds of weather, its hot or wet season. Worry not that didn't stop me from using the this month's kit. 

That's one of the things I like about Citrus Twist kit is that, it comes in this new handy little pouch that I can basically bring anywhere! Those puffy alphas are just so cute! I need 20 more of those! I'm a sucker for puffy stickers but I like these specially because they are not too puffy! Ok, that sounded totally contradictory but believe me it has a nice depth to it that it wouldn't make your project life pages even traveler's notebook pages too bulky which is a plus in my book. For this spread, I only used it in the title to say "weekend" cause I am trying to save them for other projects!

The 6x8 exclusive pattern papers are another fave of mine, I can use them in my traveler's notebook as well as a backer/frame for my photos to add another pop of colour. That card with cups goes very well with my time at Starbucks and that cork embellishments fit just right in. The cute stamp phrases is another fave. Its so versatile and non intrusive that you can stamp them on anywhere!!

My spread wouldn't be complete without any pictures of my dog, Mylo. When I saw the preview of the ephemera pack and it has that cute doggie die cut, I was jumping with joy! Ok I'm a bit weird like that. It's just that I often see cute stamps, embellishments, stickers of cats but the dogs are often, ho hum. However, this one I find so adorable, so I really had to use it!
In just a couple of hours I am done with my spread, cause all I needed was in that pouch. I just needed some adhesive and I am good to go. I do that from time to time, just work on a kit. Force myself not to look for that specific stamp or embellishment that it takes hours to finish a spread. Let's admit it in this day and age, we don't have hours to do crafting. We're very fortunate if we get that splurge once a month. Working on just one kit, you don't need to worry about things not looking good together cause that's where Citrus Twist team comes in. They make sure that everything fits beautifully together. My finish spread might not be a work of art, its simple and clean just how I like it. Moreover, it makes me jot down the memories and tell the stories and that is more important. 

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