Monday, February 4, 2019

Just For Fun Travelers Notebook!

Hello, there!
I'm pretty sure I've talked to you all before about my just for fun, only because I want to, travelers notebook.  But, if I haven't talked to you about it, it's time we do.  Because for me, this is probably one of my favorite projects.  No, really!  This is an insert I have created so I can create just because I want to.  Maybe it's because I'm in love with the photo, or the story.  Maybe I want to use a sheet of pretty paper - there are no rules.  It's just for fun.  Now, more than likely, there's some documentation going on.  But, let's look at a couple of pages I added!
I'm using the February Life Crafted Kit for both of these pages.  I had different ideas I wanted to try for the photos I had selected. Both are simple, but I ended up really happy with both.

This photo wasn't special because it's a work of art, but I love it, nonetheless. It was a great hit my son had and the ball looked like the moon in the sky.  Then, when I saw this blue paper in the kit I knew they were the perfect combo! Cutting the photo into a circle went along with the moon theme, as well.  And I felt like the various elements all paired together effortlessly!

But, there were other elements I wanted to pair with a photo I had printed!

Now, this layout is also simple and has lots of white space.  (Which is always my favorite!) But, I layered together a couple of different elements on purpose - but mostly to match the footwear in the photo. The yellow is not a perfect match, but it coordinates and fits with the idea.

I love this project because I can break out embellishments I might not use or know how to use on my regular pages.  I can make pages just because I want to! And the February Life Crafted Kit worked so well and I love how it allowed me to document these precious memories and have fun, too!

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