Wednesday, April 18, 2018

“Love This” Pocket Pages by Suzanna Stein

Hey there, crafty pals! I’m so excited to be back sharing another project and post here on the Citrus Twist Kits’ blog!

If you’re anything like me, you might forget to take pictures in the moment, and then find yourself trying to document small stories with only a few photos. Today, I’m going to share a few tips on how to work with just a couple photos and tell a small story in a full layout!

For this layout, I wanted to tell the story of a fun lunch date - I only took 2 photos (one before we left and one in the car), the photos are very similar, and my story isn’t super long.

A lot of everyday moments and memories end up like this, and if you’re not a weekly pocket page scrapper, these little stories can go untold.

I started out with my two photos, and then chose 6 cards from the kit that I liked together. I chose the placement of my photos - because these two photos are so similar, I chose to put them on opposite ends of the layout.

When deciding on the “ratio” of cards, I used this model: 2 decorative, 2 title, 2 journaling.

By following a layout model, or ratio, for layouts like this, I am able to go into it with a plan and not feel lost or overwhelmed. I started by embellishing my decorative cards, since this was the simplest step.

Then, I moved to embellishing my photos.

From there, I worked on my title cards - I used one for a very descriptive “title” or large sentiment, and the other for a general sentiment that described how I felt about the story I was telling.

I’m a person of few words when it comes to my layouts. I usually go with a sentence or two and let the photos tell the story. With a story like this, where the photos don’t tell very much, except who I was with, using your feelings on the moment can make a huge difference!

Thinking outside the box with the cards you choose can also make a big difference. The “Here & Now” grid card was perfect because there isn’t a ton of journaling on that card, but when you’re looking at it, it seems as though it tells a big part of the story of this layout!

I also used stamps to fill in empty spaces on cards throughout the layout. It’s a subtle step, but makes a huge difference in the overall layout.

I really love the way this layout turned out and am so happy I documented this small everyday moment. These are the memories I love to look back on, and I know in the future, I won’t care how many photos I had, how similar they were, etc. All that matters is that the story was documented!

Whether the memory is huge and you have tons of photos, or it’s a small everyday moment with just a photo or two - I encourage you to document it and don’t be afraid of using an entire layout for it - every memory is special!

I’ll be sharing more crafty goodness with the Savannah kit throughout the month over on Instagram!
Thanks for reading!

- Suzanna

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