Friday, February 23, 2018

PL Challenge with Kristel

Hi all! Today I have yet a new PL challenge for you :-)
I have been using this month's PL kit "Cedar Grove" for this page, but of course you can use any previous kit for this challenge as well. 

The first thing that challenged me with this page was a specific color... Red.
I love red, as you can see our dining chairs are even red, but for some reason I find it
a difficult color to work with.
So, for this page, I challenged myself to use red! :-)

I also always love to use word stickers or labels and since we get enough of these in the CTK kits,
I thought I would use as many as I could on one page!

I started by creating this 3x4 filler card as I thought those colored stripes were perfect to use
as a background for matching colored word labels - except for those black ones.

I also love to use these labels onto my photos. I normally don't really embellish my photos, but
a lovely word or phrase is always fun!

So, to sum it up for this week's PL challenge:
- Try to challenge yourself by using a color you like, but think is difficult
- Use as many word labels as you can! :-)

I hope you will have a lot of fun challenging yourself and that you'll discover lots of 
new ways to make your pages pretty!

Have a lovely weekend and until next time!

Love, Kristel

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  1. Love this layout & those pops of red! I don't think I've ever used lots of red!