Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday Tutorial With Mary - Hanging Pennant

Hi friends!  It's Mary and I am back with a tutorial on how to make this super cute hanging pennant for your next project!  It's pretty picture heavy but really simple to make.  The whole layout only took me an hour to do!

First you'll need to pick out a patterned paper that's double sided!  I chose the Crate Paper,
Good Vibes, "Hashtag" paper because it had the fun pops of color on one side and a subtle pattern on the other.  OR!  You the book pages Trina has been including in the kits would look adorable too!  Then grab a wood skewer out of your kitchen drawer.  Any small twig would do if you don't have a kitchen skewer.  Also, you'll need a marker long enough to use as a guide to bend your scroll at the top.  I included the twine from the February kit as well as one little charm to use as my hanger.

Next, you'll want to cut down your pennant.  I am using a 3x3 square photo so I made mine about and inch wider .  You'll want about an inch and a half for the tail and then about 2" for the roll at the top.  This does not have to be an exact measurement, just eyeball it to your liking.  However I'll give you measurements based of mine and you can take it from there.  My end piece was about 4" x 7".

Then we'll want to make our tail.  Just measure up 1.5" and make a little mark on each side.

Then find your center point by pinching the two ends together and gently creasing the middle. 

 Then cut from your 1.5" mark down to the center on both sides and you'll have yourself a point. 

Okay!  Now we're getting somewhere!  Take your marker and roll the top over the edge, gently forcing the roll into submission hahah. 

Then glue along the edge, curve the bottom side down and hold until dry.  I use my fineline bottle with scotch quick dry adhesive for better precision and a quick adhesion.  

Once your scroll has dried, it's time to make the wood dowel to fit through the hole.  Again, I just eyeballed what would look pleasing to my eye but I cut the skewer down to about 5", just about a half inch sticking out on both sides. 

I glued the wood to the back of the scroll so that when it sat on my page, the dowel would look a little elevated and more realistic.  

Lastly I wrapped the thread around the dowel on each side, tacking it with a small amount of glue to hold it in place.  If you use a charm like I did, don't forget to string it on now before wrapping and glueing the other side down.  Trust me, I learned that the hard way. lol!

See?  Easy right?  Now use this as a layering piece behind you photo, a journaling spot, or even a statement title!  Here are some close ups of the final layout for you:

And another look at the final layout:

I hope you'll try this trend on one of your projects and thanks so much for hanging out with me today!


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