Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday Tutorial: How To Pair Washi With Kits

Hi Everyone! This is washi addict Jennie! I have sooo many rolls of washi tape! I'm always looking for ways to add them to my projects. Whenever I open my Pocket Life Kit I look for washi that complements the kit. I use different criteria to choose which ones get to join the kit during the month.

The most simple is color. Choose 3 colors from the most frequent colors of the kit. You can use solids or a simple pattern like stripes.

Polka dots are also simple but perfect! Don't look only at the papers, remember the die cuts and stickers. 

This kit has a few metallic papers. I often forget my metallic washi so this is a good opportunity to reach for that item you normally wouldn't choose.

Your criteria could be a special pattern like these flowers. 

I love the tickets on the top but I probably won't add them to this month's kit because the colors don't go that well with the kit.  

These tickets are perfect! They are simple and the colors are the same as the items on the kit.

 Make sure you always add at least one neutral washi tape to the collection.

I'm sharing a pocket life layout! Let's look at close ups to spot the washi! 

I use washi to layer EVERYTHING!! Photos, stickers, embellishments clusters, etc.

I have to be careful I don't add a shaker pocket every week! I love them too much! I put one of the circle die cuts on the outside of the shaker pocket.

I also use staples to add texture and layers to the embellishments clusters.

The yellow and pink ticket was my favorite washi on this spread! The die cuts work perfect with it! The alphas from this month are awesome! And they have numbers! It makes my pl heart happy to have numbers!

I used the stamp from this month to embellish this filler card a little bit more!

I hope these tips helped! Go through your washi stash! Pick at least 3 washi tapes and share them in the Citrus Twist Fan Forum

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  1. Magnificent post!!! I never think to go to my washi stash..........your pl spread is fantastic - gorgeous picture of that eclipse.......