Friday, February 9, 2018

Pocket Life Challenge with Jennie and Candace

Hello again friends!  Candace here with the fabulous Jennie to share a little pocket life inspiration using the beautiful February kit!  I chose to use the kit to document week 10 in 2017.
Here is a look at my spread!

 I love that the cards this month matched the stories in this week perfectly!  Every Friday I edit and print out my photos for the week.  I make notes on post-its so I don't forget the stories or quotes. Then I let the photos and stories sit till I am ready and find the perfect cards.

When I get a kit, I look through the cards and consider both the colors and sentiments included on the cards and match them to my weeks of stories and photos.

By working through my pocket page scrapbooking in "batches" like this it makes the project a little more manageable for me.  I am always "caught up" on photos and stories the only thing I need to do is get creative!

For me, this takes all the pressure off.  The most important part of the project, the photos and stories have been recorded when they are fresh.  This also keeps the creative part more fun because I get to mix and match products and I get to work with what inspires me at that moment.

Speaking of inspiration, I loved using the puffy stickers across my spread this week to bring out all the colors in the cards and photos.

What do you do to keep yourself on top of your pocket page scrapbooking?  Just focus on the most important part of the project for you and build from there.
Get out there and capture some beautiful memories!  Thanks for stopping by!

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