Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Technique Tuesday with Kristel

Hi all! Today I have a quick tip for you on how to create simple,
yet beautiful embellishments with just one (or more) 6x8 paper(s) from your PL kit.

I always love to use beautiful prints and patterns, but sometimes they just don't work for me.
Some are too busy, some have a colored background that doesn't match (in my opinion) and others just don't match as a whole. Or, sometimes the print is just so beautiful, you have to use it on your whole project.
But how, when your paper is too small to cover your project?

You can always use fun shaped punches, such as circles, squares, hexagons, etc. to punch out as much as you can and have loads of fun.
But, you can also cut out all those pretty illustrations and use them as die cuts.

The Flourish collection by Maggie Holmes, of which products have been added to this month's kits, contains lots of flower patterns, so when you're a flower girl like me, you will have lots of fun cutting out all those pretties :-)
Just get your favorite paper(s), a small scissor and your favorite movie or series and enjoy!
As well as with cutting as playing with your awesome new die cuts :-) 

Have a lovely week and until next time!

Love, Kristel

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