Friday, February 12, 2016

Pocket Life sketch Friday with Marie

Hi everyone! Marie here with another Pocket Life sketch Friday! :)

Before I show you the sketch, Here's my Pocket Life spread.

Here's the sketch based on the right side of the left page.

And here and some close up shots of my pockets to give some embellishments ideas. :)

I really love to stitch on my photos and cards!! My sewing machine is always out on my desk and easily accessible so I like to sew. Now, don't ask me to sew anything else than paper because I just can't! But paper, it's so easy. It doesn't have to be perfect or straight. I always feel like imperfect looks better. :)

Here I used one of the small velum envelope to make a pocket to 1. hide my picture partially and 2. hide my journaling. :) The little bag was too big for my 3x4 pocket so I cut the bottom, folded the bag a little and stitched. It was then the perfect size for the pocket and for the tag! I added a cork embellishment on top and I like that the picture is peaking out on the side. The envelope is not glued so someone who would ant to see the whole picture and/or read the journaling could take everything out of the pocket without a problem.

Here are two beautiful filler cards. I was not sure if I should add anything to it so I decided to only stitch on one of them to make them feel a part of the whole layout.

Often times I like to only add a small label to a 4x6 picture and to stitch it in place. I loved that there were various style of labels in the February kits.

Another type of label to which I added a small (and very cute) puffy sticker.

I also like to use printed words. It changes from my handwriting and often they just say what I wanted to say anyway. :)

I love cards with lots of white space to write!! Don't feel like you have to fill the whole card if you only have so much to say. You can fill the space that is left with a nice die cut and some stickers.

Stickers are great to spell anything you want. And don't be afraid to mix and match gold and silver. They are neutrals.

Here's a tiny puffy sticker stitched right on top of a stamped phrase.

Letting the picture bleed out of the card is something else you can do to mix things up.

And don't forget that these tiny stamps can be used everywhere as accents. :)

I hope I could inspire you!!
Have fun playing with the sketch and please share your creations with us on the Facebook fan page and on Instagram!!

Have a great weekend!!

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