Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tips for capturing everyday moments with photographs


Hello! It's Kasia here today in another installment of Tuesday Tutorial!

Taking photos is such a big part of capturing everyday memories - honestly, documenting life has never been so easy. Most of us keep our cameras around all the time - thanks to technology development using the phone build in cameras is easy and brings great results!

I love grabbing my DSLR to take photos, play with light and different settings, but the truth is that most of the pictures which I use in my albums come from my iPhone camera. No shame in that!

In today's tutorial I'd like to share with you some tips and ideas to make the most of camera built in your phone and snap wonderful photos in any time and place!



You can find the perfect light and amazing subject of your photograph (we will talk about it in a second!) but even the most yummy cupcake won't present itself great in the picture if your camera lens is dirty! I have a habit of wiping the camera's lens on my phone before snapping a picture and it helped to improve the quality of my photos a lot! So, keep your lens clean and you will see a big change in your pictures!



And yes, daylight is best! Try to avoid harsh sun, look for places with some shade or if you shoot at home try to diffuse sharp sunlight with a light colored curtain.

Daylight helps to create natural look and the effects are very pleasing on the photo but we are talking about documenting life and life happens 24 hours a day - what to do when you need to shoot photo after dark? Still - search for a bright place at home, put the lights on and shot your picture. Most probably it will come out too yellow - you can help it with editing app, or... turn it to black and white! It's a great trick to cover up some color problems in the pictures!



We are so lucky to live in time when the knowledge is within easy reach. You can find great tutorials online and learn more about composition in photography, discover how to shoot your pictures against the light, watch the great photographers, search for everyday photography inspiration on pinterest and instagram.

Experiment with new stuff, new positions and angles when you shoot, try to come closer to your subject or shoot a photo from new perspective. Explore your phone camera and it's possibilities and it will most likely surprise you!

You can also invest in small extras that will change your phone photography - there is a selection of fun, attachable lenses that will help you extend the angle of your camera lens or even take a fish-eye like pictures!



Photographing everyday might be fascinating but to be honest, we all have days which feel like there is nothing to capture. To avoid long gaps in your photography (but also to practice your creativity!) don't give up on days like that. Try to develop some routine, find the subjects you love to photograph, capture in pictures even simple things- your outfit, crafty supplies, changing seasons, morning cup of coffee or lunch you pack to work.

Documenting small moments like that feels great and is a fun way to stay on track and see your progress and changes you make!



Even if you decide to use only your phone to photograph and print photos don't forget that apps leave you a lot of creative room to experiment with different editing options!

My favorite app recently has been the Color Story- it has all my favorite features in it! I usually pick a filter which helps me to brighten up the picture a bit and if I want to apply more changes I play with curves, saturation and contrast. Editing picture allows me to make the colors pop and keep the white color really white.

Thanks to editing all my pictures same way I can create a unified and cohesive look inside the album.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 tricks and with spring days ahead you will feel brave enough to experiment more with cameras in your phone! Let us know in the comment which app is your favorite the photos and share any phone photography tips and experiences you have!

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