Thursday, February 18, 2016

Heart Punch, Three Ways

Now that you have all of those lovely photos from Valentines Day, I have a trick for you! I'm going to show you how to use one punch, three ways. You know I'm all about stretching a kit, and this is a great way to do that and incorporate a nice design at the same time.

So the first way is to use the punch as it was intended. See below, hearts punched and painted.

The second way is to utilize the negative pieces your punch left behind.. I trimmed those patterned papers into neat little squares around the punched shape. Then layered them onto a card. 

You can see it in the bottom right card as well. All you need is a little backing and you're set! Using these pieces gives the cards some nice dimension. Bonus!

The third way (and maybe even my new favorite way) is to use the negative as a stencil.

I just laid out a row of negatives and traced inside of them. Boom, mostly uniform sized hearts.
I wasn't worried about precision, but you could be precise with the stencil, no problem.

Easy, peasy, amiright? Guess I had hearts on the brain when I created these February projects! What kinds of things are you punching lately?



  1. Wow!!! I really like the colored hearts on a row!!! I may have to lift that... :) Thanks for the inspiration Elizabeth!! Anna xo

  2. "Oh Winter, hello... now go away." Feeling that! Love these ideas xx