Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello Magic! Hello Simplicity!

Hello on Monday Everyone!

It's Mira Jurecka here to share the first day of January 2016 documented in my Pocket Album. I don't know about You, but for me that day was magical! We didn't have snow at the end of 2015 (this is winter and snow is must have here!) but on the first day of New Year we got A LOT of it! Like TONS! Everyone, absolutely everyone went for a walk on that day :) Including the three of us. It was actually the day, when our daughter saw the snow for the very first time in her life :) And during that walk I couldn't stop talking how lovey the aura is!

Today with this pocket page I would also like to share a very simple idea how You can work with the last bits and pieces from Your monthly kit. Each month if You effectively work with the kit You probably end up having a few stickers and embellishments that You don't know what to do with.
You might think: it's not enough for a layout or mini album, not even enough for a PL spread! This can be true, but not for everyone! :D
You can always use what's left to create very very very simple page and be happy about the results! Look what I did here:

As You see my work is really simple - only pictures and a couple of embellishments!
I filled every single pocket with one picture, printed a few words of journaling on the white card and used only a few embellishments to finish the page. It was made in 15 minutes, and You know what? I really like it's simplicity!

Once again let's see what's in here!

A few words created using Seven Paper Alphabet coming from February PL Kit, one stamp from the same kit (hello), "loving this" paper cut from the freebie sheet that You get with Your PL kit each and every month. And exactly two puffy stickers from February Sprinkles Kit. Additionally I have few tiny digital elements that I printed with my journaling. That's it!
Do I need more? What do You think?

You obviously don't need to kill each and every kit that You get using absolutely everything - if it works for You - fine. But if You have that need - remember that You can always create something beautiful - no matter how many elements You will add to Your page! And sometimes less is more :)

I hope You enjoyed my post today! Thank You for stopping by!
Be sure to leave a comment if You like it :)
And Have a fantastic week Guys!
Happy Monday!

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