Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In My Studio with Brenda

Good morning everyone!  Today I am going to give you a glimpse into my crafting space.  In the 10 years I have been crafting, I  have never had a designated space.  When we moved to Virginia our house ended up having an extra room that we didn't know about.  The formal living space.  Of course, we didn't have a need for it so it has become my crafting/kids room.

I originally had my desk set up here.  It is now the kids reading area.

I moved over to the smaller wall and made myself a little nook.

I have a furry little buddy next to my bookshelf to keep me company while I work.  He is a ferret named Bandit.  (I have a series of photos of him and my youngest daughter on IG with the hashtag #kaitlynandthebandit.)

I am not the most organized person so a lot of my stuff end up under the desk till I have time/motivation to sort it all out.  Several of the boxes here are actually finished layouts that do not have a home yet.

I love these little canvas boxes I picked up at Target.  They hold my miscellaneous supplies like sequins, paint, paper scraps, ect...

These boxes are actually organized.  They hold bags of different manufacturers supplies.  I plan to label each box once I have it all done right.  It will be so much easier to find everything.

I love using little jars, cans and boxes to hold small things that I want to keep on hand.  I find them everywhere and put them on my desk till I find a use for them.

A lot of times I don't get to my crafting till after dark.  As it is with most of the homes here, there are no existing lights.  Since a lot of our things were broken in the cross country move, I am left with my studio lights as "lamps."  This works for me though.  I can craft and then photograph my layouts without ever leaving my table if I want.

Here is my space after dark.

I hung twinkle lights on the window after Christmas.  I was all done with the holiday but missed the lights.  It also gives the room a cozy glow.

Thank you for stopping by to have a peek into my little space.  Where do you craft?  Do you have your own space?  I would love to see how you craft.


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