Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Learning More About Citrus Twist Kits

We have had many requests for more information about our kit club, so we thought we would share some of the details in today's blog post.

Citrus Twist Kits was founded in 2012. We pride ourselves on great customer service (the heart of Citrus Twist Kits), value-packed kits (our Main kits start at $26 a month and our PL kits are $19.50 a month, plus shipping), kits that inspire, and flat rate shipping for our customers.

We work our business with our customers at the center of our thoughts, always.

Kit Subscription Pricing
Main kits

  • $26 a month with a 6-month subscription
  • $29 a month with a 3-month subscription
  • $32 for a single kit, no subscription required

Pocket Life Kits

  • $19.50 a month with a 3-month subscription

We ship world-wide via USPS, beginning on the 10th each month, with the following flat-rate shipping for our subscribers:

Main Kit Subscribers and Main Kit + PL Kit Subscribers

  • U.S.—$8.25
  • Canada—$12.00
  • International—$18.00

Pocket Life Subscribers

New PL-only subscribers can use the appropriate code below to bring your shipping down to these rates when you purchase your subscription:
  • U.S.—$6.25 - Use coupon code 2USPLSHIPDISCOUNT (for a $2.00 discount off $8.25 shown in cart)
  • Canada—$9.00 - Use coupon code CANADA3OFFPLSHIP (for a $3.00 discount off $12.00 shown in cart)
  • International—$14.00 - Use coupon code 4INTLPLSHIPDISCOUNT  (for a $4.00 discount off $18.00 shown in cart)
As a kit subscriber you always pay the flat rate shipping, including any add-on kits or shop items you order. 

Subscriber Pre-Sale

Our subscriber pre-sale begins at 10 p.m. PST on the last day of each month and runs for 24 hours. We also stock the Citrus Twist Kits Shop for pre-sale.

Weekly Challenges

We have weekly challenges with giveaways for those of you who like a little extra incentive. These challenges are on our blog every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Our Community

We have a fun, supportive community over on our Facebook Citrus Twist Kits Fan Page. We welcome anyone there, even non-kit subscribers, to join.

You can learn more about Citrus Twist Kits by visiting our About page here. You can view our kits here. New subscriptions will begin with the July kit(s) as our June kits are currently sold out.

We love to hear from you so send us an email if you have any questions at citrustwistkits@yahoo.com

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  1. Thanks for some GREAT information!!! Love your kits, have to give it a thought again and count on shipping and swedish kronor versus US dollar LOL!!! Wish you were in sweden;) Hugs Anna :)