Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stamping with Kelly Purkey!

It's no secret that I don't usually stamp.  I can think of only a couple layouts I've made that include it might surprise you to know I picked up the Kelly Purkey stamp from the shop this month!  The Outline Letters 3x4 stamp are the perfect sized font for my smaller pages!  I also think they'd rock any planner or Pocket Life page because they really are the perfect size!

Given that stamping is a little outside my comfort zone I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to use them in a traditional and non-traditional project!  The non-traditional project led me to go through Pinterest (one of my go-to's for inspiration) until I found a DIY on Stamped Clay Bowls 

(If you follow the link there is a detailed step-by-step of how these are made, I was going to retype it here but it's already so easy to follow, so why risk messing it up!)

For my non-traditional challenge using stamps, this is what I ended up with!  Now keep in mind I'm not much of a stamper and this was my first time using dry clay. though.  I've already brought more clay so I can try it again with other stamps.  Who knew stamping could be so much fun, haha.

My first attempt was the "Shiny" bowl so it has a few messy stamped area's plus some tears where I wasn't gentle enough when transferring the clay from table to the bowl, but overall I still find it cute!

The second bowl was a bit easier, but still managed to stretch it too much when transferring from the table to the bowl!  I guess more practise is needed :) 

Next up I tacked my traditional challenge! I thought I'd go all out and use the stamp not only as my title but also to create a pattern on the paper.  I just repeated the message over three lines.  And yes, this may have taken a few attempts....there is a knack to getting a perfect impression that I just haven't mastered yet, lol.

To hide a little of the imperfect stamping and to spice it up (and go outside my comfort zone a little more) I used watercolour paint!  Very messily I might add :)

Other goodies on the page all come from the June kits!

I have to admit that I really enjoyed using the stamp set on both projects!  If I had to pick one, I would probably go with the clay bowls, but that's only because it was something completely new :)

Have you picked up the stamp set from the shop? If so I would love to see how you've used it!  Just leave a comment below and I'll be sure to check it out :) PS - Have you noticed you can now search by product AND manufacturer in the shop?!  So easy to find all those things you need now!


  1. I love those bowls! So cute + great colours!

  2. I did pick these up a while ago but haven't used them yet, but I think I will today! Thanks for the inspiration, those little bowls are gorgeous!

  3. Have to say a little hi here too :) Just beautiful work Emma !!! You are THE BEST!!!! :) Hugs Anna :)