Monday, June 8, 2015

In My Studio with Tara

Hi and Happy Monday everyone! It's Tara here and I just wanted to share my "studio space".

Unfortunately I don't have a room dedicated to crafting. When we first moved to the UK I did have a room in mind, but it's currently used as the catch-all room housing half of my craft supplies, photos that are needing to be hung, a few boxes still needing to be unpacked, and soon will be turned into another space.

I have a little nook in our living room as my creative space which is also a multi-purpose space for my family. The main intention for this space was for a little coffee and tea nook. I love watching the sheep in the pasture across from my home right out the french doors each morning!

I usually have the table out completely as you can see here with my lovely craft supplies. Usually it's more of a mess but I'm working on keeping it tidy and organized. The natural lighting makes this a perfect spot to craft and create. I also love that I can still be a part of what everyone else is doing - keeping an eye on Bella, the boys or sneaking away some moments while cooking in the kitchen.

I try to find a happy medium between our living room and my creative area since since it's a common area that we all share. I hide some uncut photos behind a picture frame next to my Canon Selphy. 

On the shelf I have my Hobonichi Techo planner, Tomoe River notebook, and my 2015 Project Life album, Brighton Pier from Studio Calico. I also made my own enamel dots from perler beads! They are cute on layouts and as a pretty decoration too.

Across the room is a shelf where I use different boxes and containers to keep my things out of sight and organized. As you can see I also love planners and traveler's notebooks as a few are homed here. 

Most of my storage solutions are from Ikea. My red cart houses stamps, ink pads, watercolors, tools and much more. I have two tackle boxes full of washi and samples and a black storage box filled with more embellishments, yarn, and random items. The green storage container houses my stamps which was a great buy for the move. I hope to put them in nicer baskets in the future but for now it's a great solution.

Right on top of my red cart is where I keep my extra protectors as well as some I am working on. The Target Dollar Spot container also holds a few bits and bobs - things I like to keep on hand and easy to reach. I also have extra pens and some water color brushes in the lovely white doily container.

Here is a closer look at what I keep on my table. I'm re-using a Cracker Barrel box to hold my June Project Life Kit. The white doily container holds all my tools I need on a daily basis. The green ceramic basket holds my Sprinkles Kit contents in one place, minus the gold alphas. I always have a roller date stamp here too since they are a must have for me. Peppermint oil also has a home here since I have been having more headaches lately. It's been a lifesaver!

I'm working on a few more projects using the June Splish Splash add on kit. It's by far one of my favorites! I re-use past Freckled Fawn zipper pouches to hold the extra embellishments and kit contents so I don't lose them. I usually leave my current project or Project Life layouts on the table so I can go back to them whenever I have some free time.

I hope you enjoyed visiting with me today and checking out my studio space. I never knew a tiny nook would bring me such joy, creativity, laughs, sunshine, fun, and relaxation. 

Have a wonderful week! 
Xxo Tara


  1. Oh Tara I think it's lovely!!! :) I love all the wood around your windows too. :) When did you move to the UK? The unpacking sure goes forever!! We moved almost a year ago and we still have pictures to be hung and unopened boxes…. ha!! Gotta lot moving a lot. ;)

    1. Marie thank you so much! We were blesed to find a barn conversion for our home and the wood beams definitely add to the charm :). I have been in the UK for almost 7 months now and we love it! I hope to go through and donate, trash, sell some things - it's bad when you continue to move boxes that you don't unpack.

  2. Love your space! It looks so cozy with all the wood.

    1. Thanks Maren! We do love those wood touches. It warms up the whole house. We have a ton of beams upstairs - the perfect British home for us :)

  3. I love your space and how you have found a way to carve it out of the family area, but still have your go-to's and working area. Those gorgeous wooden beams and all of the fab natural lighting is perfect. Thanks for sharing, Tara!

    1. Trina, I'm more glad that the other room didn't work out :). I love how I can still be a part of what the rest of the family is doing and break off to craft or create with the boys. The wood beams and extra space definitely sold us on this home, even though it has just 1 closet!

    2. Yeah, no closets in Europe. That's normal. When we arrived in the States with our huge wardrobes, the moving people were asking why we had that and were complaining a bit. When you live in Europe it's standard. You move your wardrobe. And your bathroom and your kitchen too sometimes.... :)