Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June PL Kit Love with Marie-Pierre

June is here and so is the June PL kit. And I am so happy and excited this month because I just received my first Citrus Twist Kit ever and it feels like a dream. And obviously, I love it!!!

When I opened my box of goodies, I felt excited, happy and, I have to admit, a little overwhelmed. So what I decided to do is to separate my kit in more manageable kits. (Manageable for my head.) I'm not going to use everything on just one page anyway so it made sense for me to try and group things together. To do so, I went with the colors.

I really love the colors here. The colors are screaming Summer and sun, ice cream, pool and fun. :)

My favorite product of this bunch have to be this sheet of puffy stickers. I mean how cute are these bubble tea cups??! Perfect for frozen yogurt and Frappucino lovers like us! And the cute banners can be used on everything!! I love the happy colors and the sayings! :)

The second part of the kit has lots of pink and since I have two girls at home, this makes me happy!! (but if you have boys at home, you could mix and match the products in another way so that the pinks wouldn't be so prominent). The PL kit this month is very happy and sunny.

The stamp set really speaks to me with very positive and happy words. And I just love the size of them and the typewriter font! So versatile!!

And this green card have to be my favorite. I'm usually not a green lover, but this tone of green makes me really happy.

I can't wait to pair all of these goodies with my photos! What about you? What's your favorite product this month?

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  1. Marie, I am in LOVE with June's PL kit! I think it's my favorite to date! I too love the green "shine" PL card and had to use it!