Thursday, June 11, 2015

tutorial with Lucia

Hey girls, Lucia here today with a little tip on how to incorporate more photos to your page. Or maybe "hide" would be a better word to use :)
I created a page about my weekend in Krakow, Poland and as I'm not planning on making a minialbum, I wanted to add more photos to the page, keeping it simple and clean. In these cases I usually use a little paper bag, fill it with photos and incorporate it into the layering behind the photo. This time I wanted to try something else :)

I prepared the page and created the title by cutting out the letters from one of the patterned papers from the June Main kit.


I cut a small piece of white cardstock that I sewed onto my page and put the photos inside - like in a little pocket.

IMG_8575 IMG_8588

I included some tickets and added a piece of washi tape to each photo so it will be easier to pull them out. The fun part is that the photos and tickets are actually going to be part of the layering as they are not completely hidden. I added some more paper and tissue paper behind the main photo and put everything together.

IMG_8884 IMG_8872 IMG_8870

It actually creates kind of a messy look that I love! Hope you liked this little tip :)

Lucia x

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