Friday, September 30, 2022

Life Crafted Friday with Nolana


Hi Everyone! 

So happy to be here for Life-Crafted Friday! I really love the term "Life Crafted" because that's exactly how I love to live. We craft our lives literally and figuratively and that's really been resonating with me lately.

For today's inspiration, I created a spread about my love for Peace and Quiet - sometimes that means creating spreads in my craft room, going for a long walk or run, but now in this phase of my life it also means quick solo trips to the supermarket or fruit and veg shop, dropping in to the pharmacy to top up on supplies and little errands where I get some time with my thoughts. 

I used the word Peace in the puffy sticks as the jumping off point for this spread. Inspired by my new found discovery that even though I may not get the time for a full spa day, as a new mom, I can get 15 minutes if I volunteer to do quick errands.

I chose this picture of us doing a family walk in Melbourne a few weeks ago because in this moment of the nature walk with my husband and baby leading the pack, my mom and brother in between, I inhaled deeply, and felt so at peace with the crisp air, coupled with the trickle of the creek and knowing that my family was right there with me in that moment, sharing this amazing space.

I loved pulling out the orangey, coral type hues from the kit for this spread which paired well with my photos. 

I did have a couple extra photos from walking through the city early Sunday morning to get grocery supplies on our first day in Melbourne and thought it'd be fun to include these with a page protector and create a transparency element.

All in all, I really love working in my Life-Crafted albums to bring together stories of my journey- I use them as a journal of sorts and love how beautifully the spreads come together and how wonderful the scripty puffy stickers are as titles and jumping off points for my spreads.

How are you using your Life-Crafted albums to tell your stories?

Thank you for stopping by and look out for more Life-Crafted inspiration! 



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