Saturday, June 5, 2021

3-to-Inspire with Patricia


Happy weekend, Citrus Twist Kits Friends!  I have a project to share with you that has been on my to-do list of things I have wanted to get back into journaling.  I had the perfect sized book in mind to start altering!  

This book was shiny, so I did use a regular fingernail file to rough it up as much as I could to help the paint stick.  I altered the cover using about 2 layers of white gesso and paint, mixing in old and new stickers in between those layers, and then the final layer was adding stamps and more stickers.  Here is a quick video with music to show you step by step how I altered the cover and a few of the inside pages.  You'll see in the video, I did remove some of the inside pages, thanks to looking at other art journalers.  The reason for this is to not have the book so full.  I will be adding paints and other media to the pages on the inside, so removing some pages helps that.   I did add the gesso to the sides of the pages and let it dry, but then as soon as it dried, I fanned out the pages a bit to separate since the gesso can act as a glue.  With some of the pages being removed, I wasn't looking for perfection.  Just know if you paint your edges like I did, you will want to do the same.  And be sure to use just a little paint.

Here are a few more photos of how the first few pages of the inside are coming together.  The new June paper pack was so perfect for the look I wanted.  I used double-sided tape to adhere these pattern papers.

My problem with art journaling is making the journaling part too tedious, not knowing what to write, or just not knowing where to start.  These first two pages came together I think because I had these beautiful papers and the trimmings all on my desk, so I grabbed what I loved, and knew the words I wanted to put down using the stickers and stamps.  With everything on my desk, I just reached for the gesso and a small paint brush to act as my 'glue' for my pattern papers on the left.

I used the Narrows Alphabet stamp set for the word 'Breathe.'  All the papers and die cuts are from the June release.

The journal couldn't be more timely as I find myself needing a brain dump these days!  So how about you?  Any interest in art journaling or at least incorporating mixed media and altering into your projects.

Here's 3-to-Inspire:
- Change or alter an embellishment by adding paint over it and maybe adding stamping, or go big like I did and alter a book!
- Doodle!  I forget how fun this is.  I did it around the circles on the cover...grab a pen and just create messy doodles.  
- If you don't go the art journal route, I challenge you to at least create a layout or spread using no photos as I did!

Have fun and please share in our Facebook group!

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