Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Documenting the Good & the Bad with Kathleen

Hey there, it's Kathleen here again and first of all I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!!

When I unpacked my Citrus Twist Kits January "Sugarland" kits right after Christmas, I absolutely loved the bright, fresh colour scheme. I loved working on my December Daily album, which is filled with lots of greens, reds, but also blush, black and white, but I felt SO ready for a non-Christmassy colour palette!

All I knew when I started this layout was that I wanted to use one of those gorgeous pompom frames from the Crate Paper "Good Vibes" collection that were included in the Main kit, as well as lots of the patterned papers.

Now when I see pompom, mint/teal, pink and yellow, I immediately think of my scrapbooking heroine Suse Fish (who happens to be a guest designer this month - so keep your eyes peeled for the visual feast that awaits you!). If you've seen her work on IG or her blog (and I really can't believe you haven't), then you know that these are the typical Suse-colours. And she also happens to be the queen of layering which allows for lots of different patterns and papers on your layout.

So I quickly searched my Pinterest board where I keep my favourite layouts of all the talented ladies out there and found one by Suse that she had actually made with a Citrus Twist Kits kit in the past - how perfect is that? I absolutely love all the layers on the right side of the layouts with lots of little bits peeking out from below:

Now a lot of times when I have another layout as inspiration or starting point for mine, it starts off looking quite similar (in terms of placement and structure) but then often ends up taking a different turn. Sometimes you can still see the similarities, and sometimes it completely changes up to a point where there is (almost) no resemblance between the two.

This time, however, you can definitely see a lot of similarities and that is because it just worked and felt "right". I didn't feel the need to change a lot of things because the way Suse had laid out her page and what she chose to put on hers, actually worked really well for me!

Chill Out by ScatteredConfetti. // #scrapbooking #layout #citrustwistkits #cratepaper

I didn't plan on keeping almost everything like it was in Suse's layout, it just kind of happened - haha. I only looked at her layout a few times when I started mine and then closed it, but it seems it was really stuck in my head ;)

So as you can see, I also used some torn strips of some of the patterned papers from the kit and layered them on the right side of my layout. I also tucked in pieces of the vintage book page that is included (how cool is that?!) and some other bits and pieces like tags and labels.

Chill Out by ScatteredConfetti. // #scrapbooking #layout #citrustwistkits #cratepaper

I also used one of the cute exclusive phrase stickers (how fun are the phrases on them??) that reads "It's complicated" and stuck it in there. When you look at the photo of me in the pool with the blue sky and sunshine, you would think that this is a really happy, perfect memory - which in reality it isn't. I was actually sick a lot while we were on vacation and spent a lot of the time in bed, but one day decided I wanted to get into that pool at least once to have some nice photos to take away from this trip..

So to hint at the fact that there is more to this story than what you can see in the photo, I used this sticker. I included more journaling on one of those cards that was included in the Crate Paper "Good Vibes" ephemera pack which fitted perfectly behind my photo. I also used the "The Story" stamp from the exclusive stamp set to give another hint that there is this card tucked away behind the photo that you can pull out.

Chill Out by ScatteredConfetti. // #scrapbooking #layout #citrustwistkits #cratepaper

On the left side of my page I added another small(ish) cluster of embellishments. I used that cute die cut tag from the ephemera package, layered a piece of patterned paper behind it and sprinkled some more bits and pieces on/around it. I cut off the part of the tag that ran off the page, turned it around (the backside is white) and used it in the right corner of my layout as another layering piece.

The little "good vibes" phrase was part of one of the branding strips of the patterned papers and it fit perfectly onto that small tag. Now I said that the memory isn't just all good, so the "good vibes" and "chill out" phrases might seem a bit wrong - but the fact of the matter is that we ended up having a lot of fun taking these photos.

So even though the circumstances weren't perfect, it wasn't all bad and I wanted my layout to reflect that.

Chill Out by ScatteredConfetti. // #scrapbooking #layout #citrustwistkits #cratepaper

To finish off my page I added my title with the phrase thickers, splattered some yellow colour shine across my page and added some more embellishments like the wood veneer arrow* in the bottom left corner, and some stars in different shapes and textures*.

* I got the wood veneer arrow and the yellow acrylic stars in one of the "NSD 2016 Bits & Pieces Grab Bags" that you can get in the CTK shop for only $3!!

I am very pleased with how this page turned out (and I have Suse to thank for that because her layout was so inspiring!) and I am also very happy about how I documented the "not so great" part about this memory. I don't only want to scrap about the happy memories and I also don't want to just leave out the negative sides of certain events or memories, so finding a way to incorporate these as well (in a way that I still like the project) is important, I think.

I hope you like today's inspiration - whether it's the sketch, the colour scheme or the part about documenting the good and the bad!

Happy crafting, friends!

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