Saturday, October 14, 2017

3-To-Inspire with Anna and Emma

Hi friends!  It's Anna and Emma on the blog with today's 3-To-Inspire challenge!

We share this challenge every Saturday for those of you that are looking for a little extra push to get scrapbooking, to keep scrapbooking, or those just looking for a challenge (and the chance to win a little something is an added bonus!).

I hope you'll join us this week using the following prompts:

1. Use 4 (or more) die-cuts
2. Use patterned paper for your background (i.e. no white cardstock, ahh)
3. Use your stamps

First up let's look at Anna's page!

I'm so happy to join Emma on her lovely 3 to Inspire challenge. I love this sort of challenges a well as sketch challenges.

The "use patterned paper as your backgroud" prompt is a bit scary but it's fun and inspiring to push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes, lol!

I went for a grid design and a pretty clean and simple page this time.  Just a few splatters of ink this time. 

This kit is really so lovely to play with! It kind of scrap itself, lol.   Can't wait to see your take on this fun challenge!

And here is Emma's page using the same 3 prompts:

In most cases for the 3-To-Inspire challenges we will create a page then set the challenges around it, but this time Anna and I set our 3 ingredients first and then created our pages.  I have to confess the first one stressed me out - pattern paper background?!  Ahh!  I'm one of those people that uses white cardstock almost always but fortunately in this instance the main kit includes a gorgeous ledger pattern paper (CTK exclusive paper) - WIN!  Funnily enough, both Anna and I used the same paper  for our challenge ;).

I LOVE die-cuts so having to include 4 (or more) was a easy one and I actually built my page around those die-cuts.  I'd selected the "magical" and "moments" pieces first (for my title) and then layered additional die-cuts around them.  Before starting my page I'd picked out a couple photo's (a square and landscape format) but settled on using the square photo because the title die-cuts seem to fit better.  Anyone else create pages and then settle on a photo? I'll often start a page with one photo in mind but change it to something else later ;)

The stamping was another fun challenge although stamping doesn't come naturally to me, I often have to remind myself to use them (I used to be so intimidated by them...crazy hey?!) but I love how they're a super easy way to add more sentiments to your page.

To add a bit of dimension on my page I added foam dots underneath a few of my die-cut pieces and the photo.  I typed my journaling up on the computer again (using a typewriter font) and then just machine stitched it in place at the bottom left of my page.  The butterfly die-cut sitting at the bottom right was a last minute addition as I felt the bottom of the page needed a bit of balance (even out the gold flower at the top left of my photo) :)

Now it's your turn! Use the three prompts to create your own project/s and share them with us here in the gallery and/or our Facebook Forum.  We both look forward to seeing your project!

Thanks, Anna & Em xo

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