Wednesday, October 25, 2017

PL Challenge with Célina : optimize your Journaling cards !

Hello Grils !
How are you ?
I would like to propose you a new challenge today with the October PL Kit !
I love these cards ... ! So I would like to use all !


To be done, I propose you to optimize you cards from this kit ... to place your photos at the same location, front and back, using the journaling cards on both sides.
Here is my first page :

And the back, with the back of the journaling cards :
Here is the second page :

And the back of the journaling cards :


And I've the pleasure to welcome Mira to participe to this challenge too !

Hi it's Mira Jurecka here as a guest in Celina's post and I LOVE todays inspiration. Here are the pages that I created based on Celina's idea:


I focused on one card from October PL Kit which I especially love - the one with fall leaves - I wanted to use the both sides of it, so the strategy proposed by Celina worked perfectly for this purpose!

I am so glad Celina came up with this idea - so now I have two pages and the two sides of my absolutely favorite PL card ever! are used.
Love the Mira's pages !!
And to finish, some pictures to this Octobre beautiful PL Kit !

And the October 2017 Sprinkles Kit :


Can't wait to see your pages !!

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