Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pet Love Challenge with Essie and Diane

Hi lovelies! It's Essie and Diane here today to challenge you to use your supplies to create something dedicated to your furry family members!

I (Diane) created a whole TN insert in one sitting, entirely about my lovely little Lily! (No great shock there I suppose, she is the topic of many of my pages!)

I grabbed a bunch of photos I loved, and after I created the base for my insert (you can see how I do that here and here), I used the October Pocket Life and Sprinkles kits to batch-create five different spreads.

Working on all the spreads at once meant the whole insert is completely pretty and co-ordinated and the whole thing only took me about 2 hours.

And here is the process video of how this whole insert came together... 
Like the crafty twins we are, Dee and I (Essie) made projects that are pretty similar, but each have their own spin. While Dee’s album is about one scruffy wee dog, mine is about three crazy cats.

I decided to make a 3x4 sized mini album, partly so I could use some journal cards in it, and partly because I’d used so much of my kit that I only had little offcuts left of some of the papers.

I always want to get as much use as possible from my kit supplies, so having a small-scale project to use those little bits in made me really happy.

Like Dee, I used some embellishments from the Sprinkles Kit too – particularly those sparkly enamel shapes – and they added some lovely detail to my pages.

We hope you can spend a little time giving some love to your smaller family members, we'd love to see what you make so don't forget to upload your creations to the Fan FB page and the CTK gallery so we can see!

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  1. These are two great albums !! I'm sending all my (French) love to your adorable pets !