Monday, October 9, 2017

In my studio - Kristel Arends

Hi all! Kristel here today and I'm thrilled to start off this week with my lovely craft room :-)
I am so very grateful to be able to say that I have my own space and you can find me here almost daily; this is truly my happy place. I love my room clean and organized so I can just sit down, grab some stuff and start creating within minutes. (And have it stored away within minutes!)
The same goes for my two daughters for whom we also created room with a table and their own cabinet; they love to sit here, do their own thing and keep me company.

 This is my desk where I do almost anything. I was supposed to use the other table when crafting, but I totally prefer my cozy little corner over here.
Sitting at my desk I'm also just an arm reach away from a nice cup of hot tea; do you see the hot water dispenser? I totally advice anyone to have an appliance like this in your room!

When I turn around from my desk I have this corner of cabinets containing a lot of my crafting supplies; such as watercolors, pencils, markers, acrylic paints, embossing powder, etc.

I love the variety of drawers and open/closed cabinets; this way I can organize my materials perfectly.

I love to be able to just open a drawer and pull out a basket full of supplies which can be stored away in seconds as well.

These drawers hold my scrapbooking flowers, ribbons and embossing powders.

On top of the 4x4 cabinet I store my washi tape in 2 large fish bowls which I thought were perfect!
Sometimes, when I'm inspired, I love to draw and paint and use these to decorate my room, such as this watercolor flamingo.

When I turn the other way from my desk, I have this beautiful view of the rest of my room.

I also have these 2 Raskog carts next to me which were painted in soft pink to match my room.
It's loaded with lots of supplies such as: pocket page cards, embellishments, mixed media products, stamps and ink.
Underneath them I store two craft containers of which one contains paper scraps and the other is full of embroidery thread.

I love to be surrounded by plants!

This 5x5 cabinet has an extra table connected which my daughters mostly use when crafting.
I love this view with all the albums and baskets full of crafty supplies!
These albums aren't just for memorykeeping though as some of them are used for organizing, such as holding all of my stencils (in page protectors) and all of my page protectors for Project Life and scrapbooking.

These baskets hold my spray inks, paint brushes and mixed media tools, acrylic paints and paper pads.

A basket full of Gorjuss stamps, more acrylic paint (neon colors!) and all of my 12x12 papers. 

Even more acrylic paints and inks!
Yes... I'm a sucker for all sorts of paints :-)

This 2x2 cabinet holds all of my daughters' craft supplies.
They aren't as organized as I am, so I'm very thankful everything can be hidden behind closed doors, literally ;-)

Thank you for being here for my little craft room tour and I hope you've enjoyed it!
Have a lovely week and happy crafting!

Love, Kristel


  1. Ohh!! Wow!! This is my dream room!! All white and beautiful!! Love everything about this!! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– Anna xo

  2. Such a pretty, amazing and PERFECT room!!!!!!!

  3. A beautiful craft room. Love your organising simple but organised.

  4. Wow, I LOVE your room, it's greatly organized and beautiful!!