Saturday, April 29, 2017

3 to Inspire with Veera

Happy Saturday, it’s Veera here to share you this week’s 3 to Inspire challenge.

This time I’m challenging you to use these 3 prompts in you project:
  1. Create a grid design 
  2. Use puffy stickers 
  3. Document a story or memory connected to someone’s name 
Here’s my layout with these three prompts.

As the first two prompts are quite clear I want to explain a bit more about the third prompt. One example to this prompt is that you can interpret it by telling a story behind your own name or the name of someone you love. This layout tells the story of our puppy’s name.

We have a 7 months old puppy and her name is Viola. That’s a traditional old Finnish girls’ name. But for us there were reasons why we picked this name for her. We wanted to have a name that starts with the letter V, the same letter as both my name and my husband’s name starts with. We are often referred as V&V so now we are V&V&V. The other reason is that this name has musical reference to it. When I was young I played violin for 18 years and just love classical music. So this name was a perfect fit for us and her! As she is a pretty and cute poodle, the name had to be pretty too and I love that there’s a story behind it.

Now it's your turn! Use the 3 prompts to create your project and upload to the CTK gallery and/or Facebook Fan page with today's date (4/29). I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!


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