Thursday, April 27, 2017

Making a Mini Book with the April Grace Box

Hi there this is Rachel Lindas. I had so much fun designing this page in my Bible.  I knew the moment I saw the adorable light bulb stamp in the April kit that I would want to use it.  After studying the Bible Verses John 1:5-9 the words light and shine stood out. See God sent a man named John the Baptist to tell about the "light" to tell about Jesus. His job was to tell others about the one true light who gives light to everyone. And you guys now it's our job to shine the light and tell everyone about the good Word of the gospel.  Most of us have heard to shine bright for Jesus but how many of us forget to do it in our daily routines? Are we careful with our tongue and our responses to our spouses, kids, and strangers. Do we get frustrated easily? Are we so stuck in our ways we can't love others well? Shining the light seems so simple but in reality it takes somehow who is so filled up with the Holy Spirit to actually do it.

I used two of the journaling cards for this page to make a mini book. I took the card that had the question "What is one small thing you can do each day to walk in God's Light?" And taped in it the top part of my page. I then cut down the light bulb card to fit over a part of the first card and taped it just to the top so I could flip it back and forth to reveal the question.  This way I can answer the question and have it covered up the cute light bulbs as well.

I then took the light bulb stamp and made a pattern starting from the bottom of the margin and worked my way up the margin to the journaling cards. I wanted some of my light bulbs to look like they were coming off the page. I used different shades of yellow prima inks  to create depth with my stamps. And then saved one light bulb in the center to be in black ink so it stood out.

I finished my page by highlighting my verse and boxing it around with my journaling pen.
Enjoy playing around with the stamp to create the look you want. Creating patterns with a single stamp is an easy way to use stamps and I think they look adorable.

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