Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday Tutorial | Scraps and Bits

Hello all!

Wendy here to share up the Tuesday Tutorial and a crafty, quick and clever technique for using your scraps and bits.

If you are like me, you like to stretch your kits down to the last scrap and think of unique ways to use up all those trimmings and bits of papers.  Side note....I'm definitely not requesting anyone to confess to being a paper scrap hoarder....but this tutorial just my be the solution for you. Ha!

I really liked the paper in the kit but decided I wanted to cut it apart and have it be more of an impact on my layout. I loved how the square accents on the paper weren't exactly "square" shapes but "wonky squares" (i.e. not so perfect).  Hope that makes sense.  I like to choose a fun and whimsical paper for this technique.

So, I decided to cut out some of my favorite bits from the paper.  Also, look at your matching embellishments in the kit to add in some dimension and break up the "all paper" monotony effect on the layout.  Additionally, I added in a few rubber accents included in the kit within random areas among my squares.

Just a helpful trick, I prefer to arrange my squares on my layout and play around with placement BEFORE adhering to my layout with a glue pen (or your favorite adhesive).  In this way, if some shapes are not balanced, you can move around easily the shapes before committing with the adhesive.

Then, I take the plunge and commit with the glue pen in adhering down my shapes.

As a finishing touch, add in some stamping with the exclusive stamps from the shop, a couple of fun pictures of choice, and embellishments.

So, look through you paper stash, scraps and bits to see what will work for you in this technique.  You just might be surprised what you may find hiding around.

Overall, have some fun with your scraps and bits.


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