Tuesday, April 4, 2017

'Fruit Of The Spirit' Tutorial with Jessy Christopher

Hello again! It's so good to be back to share with you an exciting news :) I was given the opportunity to design stamp designs for Citrus Twist Kits for a while now. As always, I have so much fun designing all the different themes, styles & designs. The one that is really dear to me is designing faith-based stamps. A few months back, Trina asked if I could create a set based on the "Fruit of the Spirit", I said a BIG yes! Since tropical theme is still a hit and summer is coming soon, I just could't resist including watermelon, pineapple, lemon and all the other fun fruits into this set! Each of these fruits are hand-illustrated, as well as the lettering. They are sure made with lots of love! 

This stamp set has endless possibilities. It does not limit to bible journaling pages or faith-art only. Imagine what you can do with this set on your cards, layouts, mini albums, bookmarks, parties, etc. This set is versatile and you can mix + match with the other CTK stamps you can find at the online store :)

Today, I’ll be sharing with you a step-by-step on how you can use your Fruit of the Spirit stamp set to create on your journaling bible with a little fun of mixed media. 

Before I create on my bible, I will always prime the page with gesso. By doing that, the color in the medium (water-colour/ oil pastel/ gelatos) will blend easily & the colours will stay true and saturated. Use a recycle card/scrapper that can be bent easily, so you can apply the gesso easily onto the page. 

Tip: Be sure to place a cardstock/plastic sheet at the back of the page you are working on so it will protect the other pages from staining.

Once the gesso is dried, I began to work with my design. I started with using gelatos to draw thick lines vertically. 

Then, I dropped some water onto the gelato by squeezing the water brush pen. Or you can use a small spray bottle to spritz some water. This effect will create a water-colour look. I used a card & gently "scrape" the colours downwards to fill up the space in between. 

Tip: If some of the colours are too bright for your liking, you may spread some gesso to tone it down which I did. 

Once that is all dried, I began to stamp the page with fruits and lettering to fill up the space. And also I added some colours to colour the fruits. 

Then, I decided to add some colours in between the pages to create a nice balance among all the colours. 

I felt the page was a little bare with just the fruits and lettering, so I went ahead and added some leaves. It was really easy to create the leaves. I dabbed onto the green gelato with my brush pen and gently pressed the brush down to create "leaves". Just move & position your water brush pen as you go along. 

Lastly, I added some strokes with my black brush pen for the extra fun look! 

Here is my completed page with the fun layered pink fringe... 

I really like the arty look on my bible journaling page! Dirty fingers do make me happy. Haha. 

 I hope that you're inspired to create with this stamp set. Be sure to use your creativity to express your love & faith today! Do follow me at Instagram for more of my work for CTK. Username @jcchris

You may purchase this stamp set here : http://www.citrustwistkits.com/store.php

Thank you for letting me share :)
Xoxo Jessy

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