Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Sketch with Aimee Dow

Welcome to yet another Sunday Sketch - where we give you the map and you show us the magic. In today's example you'll see I went off on an adventure all by my lonesome, but that's okay. Here is your sketch:

And here is my very loose interpretation:

I did originally start out with just 2 photos, but 3 made more sense for the theme of my page. My gorgeous god daughter was playing with her mum. It was a really simple game - Count to 3 and show Leianna the keys. To this day I haven't the foggiest what was going through her head, but 'on' 3 she would burst in to hysterics. Didn't matter if the keys hadn't appeared yet. The anticipation was enough. The big fat laugh totally made my day.

The number tags come from Ikea's new gift wrapping section and the sequins are from my stash, apart from that everything else came from this months kits. Oh, but if you are wondering why you don't have black thinkers in your kit... well, my gold ones had a little play date with the black spray paint ; )

Now it's all on you my friend - go forth and create!

Aimee Xx


  1. So pretty! I love your interpretation and that sweet smile :-)

  2. Hello, here's my interpretation:
    hope you like it!