Thursday, October 15, 2015

I hate Titles with Aimee Dow

I have been a Creative Team member for awhile here at Citrus Twist Kits and if you have been following my progress you will notice a peculiar quirk - I will go to extraordinary lengths not to have to use thickers. You come across really amazing members like Jesse, Mira and Michelle who just seem so adept at titles. They even mix and match thickers to create works of art. Yeah... that's never going to be me.

Give me a pre-made title any day:

I am so in love the current trend of foam words and the Dear Lizzy set in this month's embellishment kit is no exception. There serious is no right or wrong way to position them and it won't send you (*cough* perfectionists!) nuts with letter spacing and leveling.

Best of all though it means you can spend more time playing with our epically pretty main kit and photos that make your heart sing, such as this one of my two favourite peeps in all the world.

Only thing I had to raid my stash for was washi. Bonus!

Until Sunday - 

Aimee Xx


  1. Haha, great post. I hate titles too. I never know what to call my layouts, but if I leave it without it never looks right. The phrase Thickers are brilliant for this. Your layout is gorgeous, and the title totally works ☺️

    1. Thanks Sarah and I am so glad to hear I am not the only one! I totally agree about leaving it off. It just feels weird.

  2. Totally awesome layout Aimee! I love the phrase Thickers too!

    1. Thanks Michelle, I am pretty happy with how it came up in the end ;)