Friday, October 23, 2015

Pocket Life Sketch Friday

Mira here today with a few Pocket Life Sketches for You Guys! This time I have a really simple and fun composition for Your pockets!

First I'm going to share my page:

It's one simple story: I made a toy for my daughter who loves chewing all kinds of ribbons, twines and threads (who at Her age does not? ;))! It was simple and oh so perfect! toy: piece of fabric with a lot of ribbons! I have to add that my sewing machine was broken for over a year and we repaired it only because I wanted to sew this toy so badly!
Believe me, Ola was so delighted playing with it! Fell in love with this piece of fabric immediately!
After a few days my hubby took Ola for a walk... AND THEY LOST IT!
He was so afraid to tell me that he went for a walk again trying to find it. Ineffectively!
He came back home with nothing.
He told me finally (actually he mumbled it just before we fell asleep hoping I wouldn't even notice which toy he was talking about!) and I was totally disappointed! So the next day goal for my walk with Ola was obviously: to FIND IT!
We've been walking and walking... I was walking with my eyes on the ground all the time! And You know what?? I FOUND IT! (You don't want to know what was lying in its closest vicinity!)

Funny story, a bit of thrill, happy ending - all of it is definitely worth remembering, don't You think? I devoted the entire page in my pocket album to document it! CTK October kits were perfect to do it as always! I used PL Kit together with Sprinkles!

Now the sketches!

And a few details:

I hope You like it :)

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