Friday, October 2, 2015

PL Sketch Friday with Marie-Pierre

Hi everyone!

Every month with the Pocket Life Kit and the Sprinkles or Embellishement kit, I manage to make 3 full double page spreads and one traditional layout. Let me show you my first Project Life spread.

Sometimes, I tend to overthink when I do PL. But in the end I'm most happy when it stays simple and tells my stories. So a couple of cards where I simply write the story, a little tag/label here and there and I'm all set.

When I see papers with letters ont them, I often find myself cutting it out. I don't even know if all the letters of the ABC were on that sheet of paper but I was able to write the word I wanted to! :) Poutine is the name of that very "Quebecois" meal I had when I was at my parent's house in Canada. I know it might not seem appealing to many of you who never had it before, but to me it's comfort food that brings me back years behind! :)

A piece of patterned paper is perfect to serve as a mat for a smaller photo. Here I used the patterned paper + the border. That's why there's a small indent at the top of my card, but I don't mind.
The "out on my control" is part of the stamp set. I love small stamps that I can use on small pictures and cards.

Here too, I used the stamp set. I stamped directly on my photo with black ink and red ink.

I love to slip 4x6 photos directly in the pockets. Quick and easy. But sometimes the way the photo was taken simply can't be cropped in 4x6, so then I just print it smaller and I mount it on a 4x6 piece of cardstock or patterned paper.

To balance my layout, I like to play with colors. Here I used red in a way that guides the eye from one side of the layout to the other.

I created a sketch with the left page of this layout for you to get inspired and play with.
You could even win some goodies if you make a layout based on my sketch. Simply upload your layout to our gallery or Facebook fan page by Friday October 9th. Make sure to inclue PL 10/02 in the title. :) Have fun and good luck!


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