Thursday, October 8, 2015

In the studio with Suse Fish

Hi everyone, Suse Fish with you today and I'm happy to share a little tour of my scrap area!

I work in my favourite room of the house: the kitchen! It's the brightest, cosiest room and I just love hanging out there. I put the radio on, get some coffee brewing, grab that box of supplies and I'm just in heaven.

My work table is an old wooden one I picked up for free from a lady in our village who didn't want it anymore. I sanded and re-painted the top in my favourite mint colour, but kind of like how it's already getting re-scuffed and stained from being worked on.

I keep my kits in square plastic storage boxes that have these brilliant divided trays that sit on top of them. I like to take everything out of it's packaging and trim everything out before I get started - that way I can just grab things as I fancy them and not break my stride.

I have a long memo board by my desk that I fill with inspiring pictures, quotes and layouts I've been especially pleased with. They serve as a good reminder that I can make pretty things when I'm having a confidence wobble!

I keep my albums tucked in a bookcase at the end of the desk. I have one for my favourite layouts and one for Project Life. Other layouts go into the pizza boxes my kits come in to help save a few pennies.

I keep my mixed media materials and other supplies in white plastic tubs from Ikea: they're so practical and easy to keep clean.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today in my little corner of the kitchen!


  1. Hello Suse. I love your post. I, too, use plastic scrapbook containers for my pocket life kits. However, I like the idea of a tray to corral the embellishments. Where did you purchase your containers? Thank you for sharing.

    1. Aw, thank you! They're called 'Really Useful Boxes' here in the UK and I bought mine from Ryman stationers. But a scrappy friend tells me that in the States they're called Iris containers? Hope you manage to track them down. x

  2. Heaven of a space, never tire of seeing it as I know the lovely creations that happen there! C x

  3. OH!! Such a lovely scrap space you have!!!! And so well organised :) Thanks for sharing!! Loved to see it!! Hugs Anna :)

  4. Lovely post! I really like seeing your scrapping space - it was super fun! I think it's always fun to see other people's creative spaces :)

  5. AMAZING Space! This place is sooooooo YOURS! I mean... Your works and this place are so consistent!! Gorgeous!

  6. Awesome work space! I love the natural light & the minimal stuff! Don't get me wrong I love all my scrapping goodies, but at times my space feels overwhelming. That's when I re-organize everything. Thanks for sharing :)