Monday, October 26, 2015

I capture - fall

Hi Guys!

It's Mira here today with a bunch of tips on how to transform taking pictures into a little game and also I have a few surprises for You at the end of this post...
Are You ready?


At this stage of the year some of You probably have fall around (southern-hemisphere Folks – I am sorry – You can read this post in 6 months or use my tips to capture spring), so today I would like to share some tips how You can capture the details of this colorful and photogenic season during a single walk! Or a few!

First thing: Go outside!
I know that fall is a lot about blankets, warm chocolate, tea, coffee, cuddles and other activities that we do inside our houses, but I want You to focus on outdoor photography right now.
Fall light is great for the camera for most of the day (when the day is not moody or rainy) but obviously the best time for taking photos are: late morning and early evening, when the light is bright but still delicate and not to sharp. So let's plan our Sunday walks for afternoon and go to the park!

Now: Find some colors!
Time to play! My first prompt for You is: Try to spot as many colors as You can! Different shades of the same color are welcome too! Document them all in Your pictures! 

Then... Play with light!
Try to take photos against the light

Find it under the leaves

Or capture the shades

Next: Find as many signs of fall as You can!

And don't forget to take photos from different angles (the one below is my favourite - I simply put the camera almost on the ground and take a picture without looking).

Another prompt is to collect a bouquet of leaves...

... and pose with it!

Actually, the most important thing to do right now is to find Yourself in front of the camera! Surrounded by colors!

Don't forget to lie on the ground!

or sit down!

You can also take a selfie (even if it's all about Your feet)!

But at the end of the day - don't forget to photograph Your companions...

That's it!
Your mission has been completed!
I hope You will find this little game inspiring!


Now a few words of comment:
I am not a photographer... Actually most of the time I don't even like my own pictures! But You know why? It is because I am too shy to try many things... too shy to explore!
Sounds familiar?

The more I think about it the clearer I see it:
The only way to forget about our fears is just to have fun!
Guys: any time You go outside with Your cameras: relax and have fun! Cherish every moment!
Remember: there is no right or wrong!

For those of You who came through all the reading I have a few surprises! I am sharing fall Lightroom Preset that I created for the pictures above! I hope You will make good use of it!
Download it from here: click!

But this is not the only surprise that I have for You Guys!
I also created mini album where I used October Citrus Twist Kits Hello Darling Add-on Kit and together with the newest digital cards and labels collection from CAT File Store.
If You like the collection - You can have it FOR FREE for the next two weeks!
Simply grab it from here: click!
use promocode: CTKFALL at the checkout
and enjoy!

And here's my mini, which I hope will inspire You to take some Fall pictures!

Have a great fall Guys - full of beautiful moments!

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